How will the shipping company review my booking application?

Sailing trips on board the ‘Oosterschelde’ are the most fun when you can participate in as many facets of sailing as possible. Good health and a fit physique are important. Insufficient mental or physical health may create undue risks, not only to the trainee, but also to other people on the ship.

Some trips are more demanding than others. To help you choose a trip that suits you, the shipping company indicates the expected difficulty of a trip with an icon of one, two or three waves.

If deemed necessary, the shipping company can ask you to make an appointment with your GP to discuss and complete the health statement. If you are 65 years or older, we always ask for this health statement. We do not take guests in the age of 73 or older on trips in the heaviest category (three waves).


If you are not sure whether a trip is suitable for you, please contact the shipping company, we are happy to assist.