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Why shipping company Oosterschelde?

For over 25 years shipping company Oosterschelde is well known when it comes to sailing trips, events and daytrips under sail. A combination of good company and sailing on a beautiful ship; sail with us and discover the most gorgeous places all over the world.


More than 25 years of sailing trips all over the world.

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Frequently asked questions

Which voyage will suit me?

A voyage with a tall ship is suitable for everyone. To cater for different interest, we make voyages with diverse themes. On most of our trips, we seek a balance between sailing on a beautiful tall ship and discovering an area. During Tall Ships Races the focus is on sailing and teamwork, whereas mile maker voyages are designed to experience the real sailors life. There is no age limit, but it is important to be fit, in order to participate in the life on board.

How can I support the ships?

Supporters of the OOSTERSCHELDE and HELENA are indispensable. Thanks to our Friends, we can realise expensive restoration projects on our unique ships. Besides that, we can organise sailing trips and other activities for special target groups at cost price. Read here the three ways on how to support the ships.

Can I participate in sailing the ship?

Participating in sailing and running the ship is an important part of the overall experience on board and is a valuable asset of our voyages. Everyone is welcome to take the helm, set sails, assist with manoeuvres, learn more on navigation, help furling the sails and much more. Our permanent crew will instruct you during the voyage. This will be done in a “Dutch” style, so without yelling, blowing whistles and so on. Sailing experience is not necessary.

Am I fit enough for a voyage on board?

The circumstances on board can be challenging, so you need to be fit in order to participate. On long crossings you need to be able to adjust to the constant movements and angle of the ship. When we are anchored, you must be able to climb the pilot ladder to enter the dinghy and during expeditions we often make long hikes on shore. On our booking form, we request information about your allergies, use of medication and other medical details which can be relevant. If you have, or the shipping company has, any doubts concerning your health, we will ask you to consult to your doctor. The shipping company can advise an alternative voyage, or in rare cases, decide to turn down your booking.

Please keep in mind it is not a bad idea to get started with training and get in shape. You will enjoy your voyage even more when you are fit. Please inform us about any changes in your health occurring between booking the voyage and embarking the ship.

The watch system

Once we are at sea we might sail for several days and nights. The professional crew takes turns in operating the ship. Before we cast off, you will get extensive safety instructions and we invite you to join the watch system. This means we ask you to join the permanent crew for 4 hours to help sail the ship, after which you will be off for 8 hours. The level of participation depends on your interest and physical condition.