With a mast height of 118 feet (36 meters) and an overall length of 164 feet (50 meters) the ship is an impressive sight. In the spacious saloon with varnished wood, shining brass, piano bar and a wood burning stove, one can feel the historic atmosphere.


The OOSTERSCHELDE is recognized as a monument of great historical and cultural value. The ship is self-sufficient and financially independent. She sails all over the world and can be used for presentation and promotional activities. Up to 120 people can step on board for a day sail or a reception. In addition to this, the OOSTERSCHELDE makes adventurous voyages all over the world, anyone who wants to join us is welcome.

Since the restoration the OOSTERSCHELDE made two around-the-world voyages and visited over 50 countries on 5 continents. The ship sailed in tropical areas, but also made several polar expeditions to Spitsbergen, Antarctica and South Georgia.

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A sailing monument

Even retired seamen voice their admiration for this former freight schooner. Due to her gracious lines, her impressive rigging and a perfect restoration, the ship commands respect. Restored in its former glory, the OOSTERSCHELDE sails across the world’s seas and oceans.

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