Technical details

Technical details

The HELENA is a sailing monument. This historical vessel from 1875 is the oldest iron barge from The Netherlands which is still sailing. The ship is in authentic state after an extensive restoration. Come on board and enjoy!

Length stem to stem: 34,76 m

Length overall: 40 m

Width: 5,98 m

Draught: 0,90 m

Engine: Deutz, 186 pk

Sail area close-hauled: 274 m2

Sail area total: 400 m2

Air draught: 21 m

Year of launch: 1875

Shipyard: Jonker, Kinderdijk

Restorer: Bart Vermeer


The ‘Helena’ is the sole sailing ship in the world with approval to sail with passengers on the Rijn. She meets all the safety requirements.