Across the Equator



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Ponta Delgada, PT



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Across the Equator

Cross the equator on leg 31 of DARWIN200 from Ascension Island to the Azores.




02-06-2025, 17:00

Ascension Island, GB


30-06-2025, 09:00

Ponta Delgada, PT

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From the volcanic Ascension Island, we cross the equator and sail to the emerald archipelago of the Azores.

Voyage description

During this voyage, the OOSTERSCHELDE will cross the equator again after almost two years. During the long journey north, we will encounter whales and dolphins. Ascension Island is about 10 degrees south latitude, very close to the equator. We will lose the trade wind that we have always had here. We’re getting into the doldrums.

Around the equator is a zone of low pressure, the intertropical convergence zone. The south-east trade winds in the southern hemisphere and the north-east trade winds blow the air towards the equator. The air is very hot here because the sun is literally directly above us, and the ocean water is also very warm. The warm air rises, creating a relatively low-pressure area on the surface. The rising air contains a lot of water vapor that cools down and condenses in higher air layers. The atmosphere is therefore very unstable. In addition to areas with little or no wind, we see heavy rain showers here, often with thunderstorms. Sometimes those showers cluster together and move over the water. The high temperature of the water gives the rising air extra energy. The coreolis force (the centrifugal force of the earth) causes the system to rotate, creating tropical storms at this latitude that can develop into hurricanes.

However, there are no hurricanes in the area itself. We are most wary of storm clouds which, in addition to lightning, can also cause very sudden gusts and changes in wind direction. Where ships used to float for weeks in this otherwise windless area, luckily, we have an engine to help us, but the Doldrums are nevertheless very impressive to sail through.

When we are in the northern hemisphere, we quickly reach the area where the northeast trade winds blow. A direct course to the Azores is no longer possible. We sail ‘full and by’ as close to the wind as possible without losing speed. The course is west of our destination. Like sailing ships before us, we rely on the familiar weather patterns. Only at the top of the Azores high can we expect westerly winds. And indeed, if you almost no longer believe in it, the weather will change anyway. The air is suddenly noticeably cooler, and the long trousers have been taken out of the closet again. The little fair-weather clouds have disappeared and what is this, drizzle? We have arrived in the Westerlies.


The Azores are our destination. This archipelago, with several volcanic craters and a subtropical climate, is characterized by its very diverse nature. The ocean ensures that it never gets very cold here, but also never extremely hot and everything grows and blooms here. The weather is very changeable, and we sometimes have, as they say, 4 seasons in one day. Not many people live here and the villages and towns are quiet and simple. But to us, after many weeks on the ocean, Horta looks like Paris!

Before and after your voyage leg
We strongly recommend you book a few days accommodation in the port of your embarkation (prior to your joining Oosterschelde), and a few days in the port you disembark (after your place on the voyage ends). This will allow you to recover before and after your adventure and will give you the opportunity to explore locations at your start and end points.


More than an Adventure!
By taking part in the Global Voyage, you support the DARWIN200 project. As part of your adventure, you will receive the following exclusive benefits:

  1. A full color, 300-page, hardback book as a momento of your adventure on board.
  2. A short video which will be filmed during each voyage leg.
  3. An invitation to the Start of Voyage Party in Plymouth on 13/08/2023.
  4. An invitation to the End of Voyage Party in Falmouth on 20/07/2025.
  5. An invitation to the DARWIN200 Concluding Award Ceremony in London in summer, 2025. Meet environmental celebrities, the young conservationists (‘DARWIN LEADERS’) and take part in a prize-giving ceremony.
  6. Acknowledgement and thanks by name on all DARWIN200 output films throughout the global voyage (although anonymity will be respected, if requested).
  7. Free DARWIN200 Global Voyage branded T-shirt!


Become part of DARWIN200, a planetary conservation initiative that will empower the next generation’s elite environmental leaders and engage millions of students worldwide in conservation projects. By taking part in the Global Voyage, you will be helping to make the DARWIN200 project a reality. For more information visit:


Q & A sessions
Interested in joining? Join our live information session about the 2023-25 Global Voyage. Each Information Session is beamed via Zoom and includes an overview of the global voyage, information about each of the 32 voyage legs, a live walk around Oosterschelde (when her schedule allows) and a Questions and Answers exchange.

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Level 3

Level 3-voyages are only suitable for the experienced and fit (sea)traveler. The weather could be challenging and during a crossing, there a few if not any options to divert to a harbor. We sail out of reach of helicopters and medical care from shore is usually not available.

The shipping company would like the OOSTERSCHELDE to be accessible to the widest possible audience, but you must realize that you are making a voyage aboard a seagoing tall ship. This requires more of your physical ability than a daily walk. Some voyages are more challenging than others. With the different levels, we give an indication of how heavy the voyage can be. If you are unsure whether a voyage is suitable for you, it is important to contact shipping company OOSTERSCHELDE for advice.

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