Shipping Company

Shipping Company

Shipping company Oosterschelde originated in 1988 for the restoration and exploitation of the threemasted topsailschooner OOSTERSCHELDE, aiming to preserve this extraordinary ship.


The restoration took place from 1988 to 1992 and became a huge success. The OOSTERSCHELDE was the first Dutch Tall Ship which was allowed to sail worldwide with guests. She is financially independent. By making voyages all over the world, the OOSTERSCHELDE has gained a lot of international fans.


The shipping company is a limited company. The only shareholder is the Rotterdam Sailing Ship Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit organization. All income generated with the Oosterschelde is put back into the ship. The shipping company is an idealistic organization. The managing director is Gerben Nab.


The HELENA is built in 1875 specifically for the international Rhine trade. She is the oldest, still sailing barge in The Netherlands. The extensive restoration was completed in 2003, and ever since the ship makes day-sails in the waters around Rotterdam.


The shipping company in Rotterdam looks after the interest of both OOSTERSCHELDE and HELENA. Both ships are recognized by the Dutch government as monuments with great cultural and historical value.

Do you want to support the shipping company?

Supporters of the OOSTERSCHELDE and HELENA are indispensable. Thanks to our Friends, we can realise expensive restoration projects on our unique ships. Besides that, we can organise sailing trips and other activities for special target groups at cost price. Read more about the three ways that you can support the ships.