Sailing to Punta del Este

Sailing to Punta del Este

20 November 2023

Sailing to Punta del Este!

The excitement is in the air as we bid farewell to our berth at the Museu do Amanha after 10 unforgettable days in Rio de Janeiro. A fresh and enthusiastic voyage crew is assisting in preparations for setting sails. As we navigate through the channel, the iconic Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf come into view overviewing the sprawling city.

However, our departure was met with unexpected headwinds, testing our patience. Yet, persistence pays off as we make our way out of Guanabara Bay and the winds back to favor us. One by one the full fore and aft sails are set and we can turn off the engine. Suddenly we’re happily cruising along at 8kts!

The voyage is not without any unexpected twists – the wind disappears just before the watch change, creating a bit of an eerie atmosphere. It took a few hours until the steady wind did indeed return only to drop off 1 hour before the following watch change. This continued for the next 24 hours wind in harmony with the watches. This has kept the crew busy setting and lowering sails to adapt to the wind. We will see how these unusual weather patterns develop throughout the remainder of our voyage to Punta del Este.