Help us plant trees!

Help us plant trees!

10 November 2023

Help Oosterschelde to plant trees in Brazil!

Oosterschelde and DARWIN200 support the inspirational Association of the Golden Lion Tamarin, whose tireless work has been dedicated to saving the endangered golden lion tamarin and preserving its Atlantic rainforest habitat. By planting thousands of trees, parts of the remaining Atlantic rainforest are being reconnected to restore the habitat of the golden lion tamarins.

We have already raised £10,000 to plant thousands of trees in the Atlantic rainforest, a critical step in protecting biodiversity. Our goal is to raise another £5,000 through our GoFundMe campaign. Every contribution matters and 100% of the funds raised will be donated to the Association of the Golden Lion Tamarin ensuring that every penny goes toward the conservation efforts.

With this initiative we not only restore the habitat of these special animals, but we also aim to offset some of our own carbon emissions and make a positive impact on the environments we encounter in our journey. The crew helped out for a day yesterday and with 300 trees per hour they had a good pace!

The shipping company itself contributes financially and will continue to collect donations throughout the DARWIN200 Global Voyage.

Be part of this journey, contribute and help us plant more trees! Please visit our GoFundMe page.