Leg 2

Leg 2

5 September 2023


After nine days with Darwin Leaders in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it’s time to set sail again. Our new guests for the journey to Cape Verde are on board, the port formalities have been completed, the water and fuel tanks are full, and we have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on board. In short, we are ready to go!

After securing everything for the sea voyage and providing safety instructions, we cast off our lines. Upon departure, we immediately turned the clock back by one hour (in advance). There is a two-hour time difference between Tenerife and Cape Verde. Cape Verde is one time zone further west and does not observe daylight saving time. Upon arrival, we will turn the clock back by another hour.

The wind forecast promised little wind for the first twenty-four hours. While sailing under motor power, we used the morning to climb the mast, explain about the sails, and watch the many dolphins around us. Unexpectedly, a west wind picked up in the afternoon, just enough wind to truly sail! Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, as after an hour and a half, the wind died down again. We continue our course to the south, and I expect that tomorrow we will be able to hoist all the sails!