The world tour has started!

The world tour has started!

8 August 2023


The world tour of the ‘Oosterschelde’ has started! On August 4, we sailed through the Erasmus Bridge to larger waters. But not before many people came to take a look on board and attend the farewell party in the Maritime Museum.

Here Stewart McPherson in his speech emphasized the power of young people to do things that will go down in history! Gerben Nab thanked the crew for their hard work but also emphasized the beauty of the ship and the importance of preserving our maritime heritage.

As the sun went down, we moved to the wharf, where the sailors boarded and received the last goodbye hugs. The rain even stopped for a while and the ‘Oosterschelde’ continued its journey with a clear sky and sun.


We wish her and our sailors well on her two year long journey across the world!