Brittany coast

Brittany coast

26 May 2023


After all the bustle and fun during the festival ‘La Semaine du Golfe’, we made a short journey of discovery along the coast of Brittany. This coast is characterized by the many islands, islets, rocks and harbours. In short, plenty to discover!

After a wonderful day of sailing, we dropped anchor the first evening at Iles des Glénan, a group of islands about 7.5 miles from the coast. This uninhabited archipelago is a nature reserve, but is also home to one of France’s largest sailing schools. It is a special feeling to be anchored in the middle of the sea, yet sheltered between a number of islands. The next day we sailed to Belle-Ile, the largest Breton island, where we anchored just outside the port of Le Palais. The Oosterschelde is much too big for most small French ports. The island is crowded with tourists in the summer. The many colorful houses and the huge citadel that towers above the harbor give this place a cozy atmosphere.

On this short journey the wind is in our favor. We hardly had to use the engine. On the last sailing day we made a number of tacking maneuvers to finally sail up the Loire with the flood current to St. Nazaire.