The wind dropped

The wind dropped

4 April 2023


After a few days of nice sailing, the wind dropped to keep the sails full on the swell. So we had to start the engine to continue. Fortunately, the wind has returned and the sails are back where they belong: up! Because the wind is now quite strong, we have put a few reefs. Mainly to increase the quality of life on board. It’s always nice when the food just stays on the plates and you don’t have to run after a coffee pot… 😉

Yesterday there was a high swell from the north, level with the swell from the northeast. This resulted in slender pyramids of water and the occasional large gulp over deck. Today the northern swell has disappeared and the ship is a lot more comfortable. As a result, the speed is also a lot higher compared to yesterday.

We expect to keep this wind for another 36 hours before we get close to the core of this high pressure area. Then we will dive north until, as it stands now, this high is taken over by a low pressure area that wants to go south! It will provide us with northerly winds, just what we don’t need… But yes, that will take a while, so with a bit of luck that layer won’t cause any problems at all…