Unusual voyage

Unusual voyage

14 March 2023


It’s a bit of an unusual journey. Despite the fact that we sail a ‘standard’ round, there is still a lot different than normal. From Santiago up to Sao Vicente is normally a stretch with a nice strong wind and associated waves. This usually makes it quite willing to bounce on this trajectory. This time there was a light wind that was relatively easterly and an almost flat sea. We were able to steer in the right direction without difficulty. Unfortunately, in the night the wind went completely out and we had to do a bit on the engine.

From Mindelo to San Nicolao it is usually a bit of a struggle to get above Sao Vicente. This time we motored up without pain and effort, were able to lose weight quite quickly and sailed quietly to the east. The first ‘standard’ bit was the increasing wind as we passed between Rasso and San Nicolao.

The part from San Nicolao to Boa Vista was also different than I am used to. We started with a strong breeze from the north, which allowed us to reach good speeds and even steer a bit north of Sal Rei. The wind slowly but surely died down during the day, so we could always pull up a sail. Eventually even the large gaff topsail went on, something that is really not often the case in Cabo Verde.

What was standard was the swell that came rolling in at Boa Vista. Only this time a little more than usual. That is why we left immediately after the tour of the island, looking for a better place to swim and snorkel than around Ilheu do Sal Rei. So we sailed to the east side of Sal and dropped anchor at Pedra de Lume for the night. A place we hardly ever visit.

Furthermore, it was unusually clear during the last trip. At anchor at Tarrafal, Santiago, we saw Fogo, from on top of Santo Antao we could see San Nicolao. Both also something that is not ‘standard’. Even the marine life joined in with this trip’s motto; pilot whales, dolphins, whales, Portuguese warships (which is a bit less fun, but nice to see), flying fish, brown boobies, you name it, they all passed the review. In short, it was certainly not a standard trip, but a very complete one. And we still have a while to go…