Reception on board

Reception on board

7 March 2023


After a few trips here, around Cabo Verde, it was time for Jan Willem to go on leave and I took over from him. It is always nice to come ‘home’ to the ‘Oosterschelde’!
We have a nice group of people with us this trip from the Netherlands, England, Germany and Switzerland, some of whom already had a connection with the ship and some are completely new. There is above average sailing experience among the guests, which sometimes makes the explanation very easy, but we also have to be extra careful that we don’t go TOO fast and there isn’t someone who can’t follow it anymore.

From the first moment the mood is good, there is a lot of talking and above all laughing on board.

The crossing from Sal to Santiago went well. With the wind at our back, square sails and mainsail up, we rocked to the southwest.
Yesterday all guests were on an excursion to Santiago and we received a ‘high visit’ on board. Since we have recently sponsored a lot of trees here and have already planted a large number, a few people involved in the project wanted to take a look at the ship. So we invited them for a snack, a drink and a tour of the ship.
15 people came and it was a very pleasant afternoon with, among others, the mayor, a few aldermen, the municipal secretary, the chief commander of the police and the head of the culture center.

We have now had a wonderfully quiet morning, where most of us on board read a book or were enjoying the sun and the view and we are preparing for the trip to Sao Vicente, where we will arrive tomorrow in the course of the morning. come..