20 February 2023


It has been a while since a message from the ship appeared on the website. We are now on our way from Boa Vista to Sal, the last sailing day of the 3rd Cape Verde trip. This trip went very well. We started with a light wind which brought us to Santiago. Then we sailed to São Vicente with a strong wind. For the next leg to São Nicolau we reefed the sails to the maximum, there was a very strong wind in the strait between São Vicente and São Antao. After 3 hours of motor sailing, we were out of the strait, and it was a wonderful sailing day. While anchored off São Nicolau, a pod of humpback whales swam by on the horizon. Then we visited Boa Vista and now at the end of this afternoon we will arrive in Palmeira, where a pleasant last evening with a barbecue on deck is planned.

Back to São Nicolau:

Katxupa has been on the menu for a long time during the lunch served on the island tour. Katxupa is the national dish of Cape Verde. Each island has its own variant. Katxupa is a stew of corn, beans, cassava, sweet potato, fish and/or meat, flavoured with various spices. The Katxupa is often supplemented with extra vegetables.

Despite coming to Cape Verde for 7 years, I have never eaten Katxupa. Of course, that is not possible, so we asked Nish, our guide on São Nicolau, if she could arrange extra Katxupa for