Waves come, waves go

Waves come, waves go

15 December 2022


How is it to sleep in a washing machine? Well, the answer to this question is easy: it is quite a challenge, sleeping on a bouncing ship. Fortunately, the conditions are getting better again.  We are heading South, making good progress. This is the beginning of the ninth day of my first offshore sailing trip, and I love it! Although to be honest three hours ago I didn’t like it at all because I woke up with some mild seasickness. Decided to go on deck as quick as possible which is not very quick as it takes time to put on all the sailing gear. It is getting warmer, but we still have some nasty conditions with rain and sea showers, so I am happy with the sailing gear. There is a difference between crew and guest crew: guest crew put on all their gear and leave it on for the full watch. Crewmembers keep changing their gear during the watch.

Later that day:

The weather has improved significantly. We are still riding the ocean waves and sailing south. It is getting more comfortable, and sunglasses are added to our outfits!