Concluding phase

Concluding phase

14 November 2022


We are lucky that the weather has been so beautiful lately. It makes all the work we have to do in the masts a lot more fun and it goes a lot faster. The Oosterschelde is moored next to the Salvator, in the Leuvehaven in Rotterdam. We’re now in the final phase of this extensive maintenance period.

The masts and topmasts are back on the ship, and the rigging has been put on tension. Most of the blocks are now having and next week, we’ll start with the sails. What still takes a lot of time is properly securing all closures. Everything has been loose and must be secured again with a cotter pin or wires of stainless steel. It takes a lot of time to do this.

The salon is starting to look better too. The water and heating pipes have been replaced and reconnected, and the water tanks have also been closed and secured again after a thorough cleaning. The underfloor heating in the salon has been re-laid and the subfloor was poured in last Friday. There is still a lot of work to do, but if we keep going like this, the ship will be ready to go in early December!