29 August 2022


From the outside we are peeling off the ship further and further: first we removed the yards, then the halyards and blocks, the outer rigging and now the topmasts are also on the quay in the Leuvehaven. If they are off anyway… we might as well check them and repair them where necessary.

There is a lot to do: plan bad pieces of wood out of the spars to glue in a good piece of wood again, sanding, varnishing, refurbishing and checking. At the same time, we are preparing in the hold for the last, large part of the underwater hull that will be replaced at the yard. The saloon has been emptied, the floor has been cut out and now the fuel and water tanks under the saloon floor are disconnected.

When the first part of the underwater hull was replaced, it turned out to be a major, and rather disappointing, job. Especially because the removal of the concrete, which was poured on the surface for ballast, had to be done piece by piece. With heavy pneumatic stone chisels block by block. Now we’re hopeful that a company will come out with diamonds! All the crew members who at the time with their backs, elbows and wrists were hacking into that low space full of concrete dust, can’t wait to see this!