Wonderful weather

Wonderful weather

1 May 2022

Wonderul weather

For the past few days, it has been truly wonderful weather, with – unfortunately – next to no wind at all. For short periods of time, there is enough wind to set all sails, and to sail for a while, before the wind drops again. It is fun, but I hope we are able to sail for a bit longer… After all, we have to make some miles.

Our crew and guests are now able to set all sails and drop all sails in little time, since we are able to practice this a lot. After Cartagena, we are now in La Linea, the Spanish side of Gibraltar. From here, we see the famous landing strip, that you can pass with your car. I would recommend to pass it at green traffic lights. After lunch, we will continue to sail through the Strait and up North-West along the coast. Great times to tan.