Back on board

Back on board

20 April 2022


Maarten is on leave and so on Monday morning I took over during the festival in Sète. In the morning we waved goodbye to the musicians who stayed on board, cleaned the ship, did the captains handover and at 12:00 we welcomed the new guest crew on board. After the usual welcome on board talk and the safety briefing, at 3:00 pm we departed under lots of cheering of the festival visitors, to immediately set sail in the harbour and sail out.

Together with the rest of all the sailing ships we sailed back and forth under the coast for a few miles in a parade. We then chose a southerly course in the direction of our next destination: Castellón de la Plana. We are now sailing beautifully, but unfortunately slowly and not quite in the right direction, as often happens 😉 The weather forecast says that the wind should come back from the northeast later, hopefully the forecast is right.