Night watch

Night watch

15 December 2021

Night Watch

“In the evening of 12-12, 6 of the 11 sails were hoisted on this beautiful ship. After a nice nap I arrive on deck at 23:45 to do my watch, 00:00-04:00. The moment I look outside I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the night. The crystal-clear sky is full of stars and the crescent gives so much light that everything on board is visible. How beautifully the moderate wind of about 15 knots fills the sails and makes the Oosterschelde, slightly sloping over starboard, dance over the waves like a ballerina. The silver reflection of the moon is so enchanting that it is impossible to hold back my tears of happiness. “This is so beautiful” I shout across the deck. The dog watch is made even more beautiful by the shooting stars. There are so many, that you start to doubt whether they have enough upstairs. How cool.

I feel like the happiest person on earth.”

Arnold Plomp