At the ship yard

At the ship yard

21 September 2021


Things are progressing nicely at the shipping wharf: the concrete ballast is now being drilled out and the steel workers have already come a long way with removing everything. The permanent crew provides an extra pair of hands here and there and carries out small painting and rigging jobs.

Because it is not really relaxed for the crew to live on board without hot and cold water and heating, we rented a holiday home in Franeker. Cozy, with a garden, not too bad at all. So, we now participate in a society that we are not used too at all: preparing a packed lunch in the morning, take the car or cycle to work and back again in the afternoon. It’s that they don’t have traffic jams in Franeker…

Photo: The plates that we are going to replace are gone. It is extremely difficult to cut away the concrete, even if it is only a thin layer. The ribs themselves, although rusty, are still in reasonably good condition.