Update from the ship

Update from the ship

15 May 2021


After 13 months of no sailing we have spent the last two weeks preparing our departure. The sails have been brought back on board, the charts have been renewed, the medication on board has been checked and if necessary, replaced. Covid protocols have been updated, food and drinks have been brought on board and after a number of days in quarantine (the rest of the quarantine takes place on our way to Aberdeen) we left Rotterdam.

There was a smooth south-westerly wind and a lot of sun. At sea we immediately set sail and sailed north with a speed of about three knots. Soon the wind was gone, and we had to start the engine, but it was still a dream start to hopefully a very nice sailing season!

In the meantime we have sailed most of the trip so far, everyone is in a great mood, the only thing that is a bit disappointing is the temperature at night: freezing cold.

Greetings Jan