Welcome Rinske

Welcome Rinske

11 May 2021


Hi everybody!

I am Rinske and I am the volunteer who is joining the OOSTERSCHELDE for the coming months. I have good news! Because today I didn’t bump into a hedge with my head, and I didn’t fall down one of the stairs. That means that I am slowly finding my way here on the ship.

Even though you have been a sailor all your life, on every ship you have to come home. One day you learn all the lines on board, and you finally know in which cupboard the spoons live. And the next day you watch a movie with everybody and get to know each other with a game of hacky sack.

For the ones that don’t know this game (I assume most of you do): you have to keep a little ball up in the air. And you are not allowed to use your hands. Which results in the funniest movements! The conclusion: It feels like a warm welcome here on board.

In a few days we will sail away again. It is beautiful to see that the crew can’t wait to leave the key side. It gives a nice energy in the group because everybody wants to go to sea again!

Good. The picture down here. That’s me. Scrubbing the deck. It was hard work, but the result is amazing. It looks like new!

Greeting Rinske