The Jol

The Jol

The Jol

6 January 2021

Last time, Urs told us more about his experience on board. Today, Bertil tells us more about his trip with the OOSTERSCHELDE.

“A long time ago, I learned how to sail on board of a Valk, a small Dutch sailing boat. I learned it by just doing it. When I got the steer on board of the OOSTERSCHELDE it was almost the same. Feeling the ship, the wind, how the ship moves through the water and how the wind makes the ship move.

Keeping the course was easy in the beginning but when the crew started about the theory of the compass and I started looking at the compass I unfortunately got seasick. It wasn’t a big problem, but I definitely prefer sailing with my gut. The compass is just a tool for me. I have been on deck for 90% of the time during this holiday because I love to feel the wind and the water. Also hoisting the sails, navigating, setting the course or just sit down with a drink is very enjoyable. But the bonus experience still had to come…

São Nicolau. I do not remember which day it was, but Nathalie and I arrived back at the ship after an excursion. The other guests went for a walk on the island. Jan and Jenny had dropped the Jolletjeinto the water and were sailing in the harbour because the wood needed some water.

At the moment that we stepped on board of the OOSTERSCHELDE, they came alongside. Jan decided to moor and gave us a chance to sail on the Jol. Jenny was at the helm, I went for the jib and Nathalie was bailing. When Nathalie said “I have sailed with you for more than 20 years now, but I have never seen you at the jib” I was allowed to take over the helm of the Jol from Jenny. We sailed in the bay until sunset. Really unforgettable!

Thank you, crew and guests, for a fantastic sailing experience!

Greetings, Bertil”