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25 September 2020

These last weeks we have been blessed with very little rain and beautiful sunshine ranging from mid to high 20’Cs, I believe we even broke the record for hottest week in September in Rotterdam! A little reminder of what we were experiencing in Cape Verde earlier this year. 

I have been spending a majority of my time derusting and painting at the top of all three masts. Now everything I could lay my hands on; shackles, mast ties, futtock shrouds etc are twinkling without a rust stripe in sight. It is these small details which really tie the ship together, even if they are 30m in the sky!

I really enjoyed spending my days up there monkeying around and watching the world go by from up high. At least my colleagues couldn’t hear my singing and whistling (I hope).

However, this week we have seen quite some showers and cold winds ripping through the harbour, not ideal for painting outside so I have turned my attention to the other extreme of the ship – derusting and painting the bilges at the bottom of the engine room.

This also involves a lot of monkeying around as you must reach what you normally cannot, like one complex game of Twister! It is also a very rewarding project as you see the difference instantly and give the whole engine room a clean, uniform look. I swear day by day we are turning more into a super yacht!

Matu, Deckhand