More & more beautiful

More & more beautiful

More & more beautiful

11 September 2020

The ship is getting more and more beautiful, “wow, she looks good!!” is what everyone who steps on board says. I think we don’t do much else than maintenance…

The ship has been in Rotterdam since the end of March. At that time, we should have been in Mataro. But well, we all know why we are in a different situation at the moment. From the moment when we arrived in Rotterdam, seven crew members alternate to constantly have a crew on board.

This means, that we have been working on the ship for the past five months and there is still a lot to do! I haven’t thought “the job that I am doing right now is a bit of a nonsense job”.

Eventhough we thought that the OOSTERSCHELDE was already looking good and well maintained. I think that is the truth, but as said, we still find rewaring jobs on board which we can tackle.

In addition, when we have painted the wheelhouse and the compass post, the steering wheel, which is positioned in between, suddenly looks very bad. So you are going to paint that too. Whereas before that it actually looked fine.

This way, the standard on board is taken to the next level. It’s all going to be beautiful.

Captain Jan