Anchoring at São Nicolau

Anchoring at São Nicolau

Anchoring at São Nicolau

We are having great weather all week. Sun, temperature of about 25 degrees and last but definitely not least: a nice 4Bft wind. Enough to be able to sail fast, but not too much to make the sea too rough.

Meanwhile we have left São Vicente and Santo Antão behind. We left yesterday with the same perfect breeze. Once we were near our destination São Nicolau the wind increased and it did not take long before we were reaching 10, even 11 knots.

Earlier than usual we dropped anchor in the bay of Tarrafal and because the wind disappeared completely, we quickly jumped overboard for an “evening swim”. After breakfast we made our own drive in cinema on deck with the beamer and screen.

This morning at 6 the situation changed. A dry and hot wind with lots of dust picked up. The temperature is now over 30 degrees and the visibility is deteriorating quickly. Although we are on the leeward side of the island, the wind is rolling over the mountains with a huge force causing the ship to come of the anchor,  just when we wanted to bring our guests to shore. We have now found another spot to anchor and this time we dropped two anchors. Hopefully we will stay in place now.