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DARWIN200 Plymouth – Tenerife

The first leg of the DARWIN200 Global Voyage!




14-08-2023, 17:00

Plymouth, GB


26-08-2023, 09:00

Tenerife, SP

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Become part of DARWIN200 and sail the first leg of Charles Darwin’s voyage from Plymouth to Tenerife.

Voyage description

From Plymouth (Great Britain), where Charles Darwin boarded HMS Beagle, we sail to Tenerife (Canary Islands). Plymouth is close to where the English Channel meets the Bay of Biscay. Soon after we’ve left the continental shelf, the water depth increases to up to 5 kilometers. This is an area with rich waters and numerous seabirds mark this zone. When the green coastal waters turn blue, we’ve reached the ocean!

The Bay of Biscay has a reputation, but it can be a fantastic sailing area, especially at this time of year. We always relieve each other at the helm and certainly during the first part of this voyage, sails will have to be hoisted or lowered regularly. When there’s no sail to be hoisted, there’s plenty to see for the people on watch, as these are the busiest waters in the world. All around us, we’ll see ships of all shapes and sizes. Also, a lot of seabirds and other fish can be seen. Dolphins, of course, but there is also a good chance of spotting a sunfish and if we are lucky a minke whale, pilot whale or even sperm whales. A little further south, we can see the first flying fishes.

Maybe we’ll make a stop-over in one of the Rias on the Spanish coasts, just above Portugal. At the end of the summer, the ‘Portuguese North’ is often found along the Portuguese coasts. Wind and current are very favorable for us, and we sail close to the Portuguese coast further south. Past Cabo São Vincente, the Portuguese North turns into the Canary current, which gives us an extra ‘push’ in the right direction! Here too, we can expect good weather and favorable winds for the last 500 nautical miles to the Canary Islands.

Before and after your voyage leg
We strongly recommend you book a few days accommodation in the port of your embarkation (prior to your joining Oosterschelde), and a few days in the port you disembark (after your place on the voyage ends). This will allow you to recover before and after your adventure and will give you the opportunity to explore locations at your start and end points.


More than an Adventure!
By taking part in the Global Voyage, you support the DARWIN200 project. As part of your adventure, you will receive the following exclusive benefits:

  1. A full color, 300-page, hardback book as a momento of your adventure on board.
  2. A short video which will be filmed during each voyage leg.
  3. An invitation to the Start of Voyage Party in Plymouth on 13/08/2023.
  4. An invitation to the End of Voyage Party in Falmouth on 20/07/2025.
  5. An invitation to the DARWIN200 Concluding Award Ceremony in London in summer, 2025. Meet environmental celebrities, the young conservationists (‘DARWIN LEADERS’) and take part in a prize-giving ceremony.
  6. Acknowledgement and thanks by name on all DARWIN200 output films throughout the global voyage (although anonymity will be respected, if requested).
  7. Free DARWIN200 Global Voyage branded T-shirt!


Become part of DARWIN200, a planetary conservation initiative that will empower the next generation’s elite environmental leaders and engage millions of students worldwide in conservation projects. By taking part in the Global Voyage, you will be helping to make the DARWIN200 project a reality. For more information visit:


Q & A sessions
Interested in joining? Join our live information session about the 2023-25 Global Voyage. Each Information Session is beamed via Zoom and includes an overview of the global voyage, information about each of the 32 voyage legs, a live walk around Oosterschelde (when her schedule allows) and a Questions and Answers exchange.

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Level 2

Level 2-voyages are suitable for anyone in good health and a reasonable level of fitness, without mobility issues. On these voyages, you can expect days with strong winds or high waves, but most of the time the conditions will be good. A harbor is not always nearby and (medical) help from shore is therefore not always available.

The shipping company would like the OOSTERSCHELDE to be accessible to the widest possible audience, but you must realize that you are making a voyage aboard a seagoing tall ship. This requires more of your physical ability than a daily walk. Some voyages are more challenging than others. With the different levels, we give an indication of how heavy the voyage can be. If you are unsure whether a voyage is suitable for you, it is important to contact shipping company OOSTERSCHELDE for advice.

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